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As the warm breeze heralds the arrival of spring, THIRD FORM unveils a collection that captures the symphony of the season.

Founder, Merryn Kelly invites you on a journey through the inspiration and craftsmanship behind the Spring Summer 24 collection. Inspired by the movement and form found in nature and our Modern Muses, THIRD FORM breathes new life into classic pieces.

The Blue Bell series takes center stage, showcasing an enticing strapless silhouette and an exclusive THIRD FORM watercolor-inspired print. "We wanted to create a true style statement. Our design philosophy revolves around creating timeless pieces with a modern twist" says Merryn. Cut on the bias and crafted in a premium Cupro/Rayon blend, the Blue Bell Strapless Dress effortlessly drapes over the body, combining contemporary femininity with ease.

"We sought inspiration from the fluidity of water and the subtle yet impactful movement of the season."

"Spring is a canvas of muted hues and graceful movements, with sheer having a moment this season." notes Merryn. The collection introduces a dusty soft, yet edgy color scheme, striking a balance that mirrors the nuanced elegance of Spring. Each piece is crafted to infuse sophistication into everyday wear, creating a collection that is both contemporary and timeless.

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