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Behind The Scenes at AFW

Behind The Scenes at AFW

Come Behind The Scenes Of Our AFW Show


With the morning sun casting a glow over Carriageworks, a sense of excitement mingled with the aroma of coffee as we prepared for our debut show at Australian Fashion Week. Starting bright and early at 7am, our THIRD FORM team and models started the day with a shared sense of purpose and anticipation.

Photographed by Dan Lin, Kristen Buchholtz, Steph Pederson, Scott Heldorf, Ned Simes, Emma Wright, Justin Cueno and Fiona K Photography

The Day Begins

We kicked off the morning with hair and makeup sessions. Thanks to our incredible sponsors, we were able to ensure each model looked her absolute best. FOREO led the way in skin prep, setting the foundation for flawless makeup. We used their BEAR 2 microcurrent facial toning device, which provided a lifting and toning effect, ensuring the models' skin radiated natural beauty without the need for heavy bronzer or contouring products.

Get the Look with FOREO

  1. Start with FOREO Cleansing Balm on dry skin and then wipe off with a warm, damp face towel.
  2. Use the LUNA 4 and Micro-Foam Cleanser, then wash or wipe off thoroughly and pat skin dry.
  3. Apply the hydrating and conductive SUPERCHARGED Serum 2.0, followed by a lifting and toning treatment with the BEAR 2 microcurrent facial toning device.
  4. Apply the SUPERCHARGED Triple Action Moisturizer to face and neck.
  5. Use the SUPERCHARGED Body Serum on the neck and body for a glowy, radiant look.

Hair Perfection by Davroe and Shark Beauty

Davroe led the hair care efforts, with a focus on highlighting the natural beauty and the unique hair texture of each model. Hair director Madison Voloshin crafted looks that added to the sense of considered luxury with products like Body Volume Texture (BVT), Thermaprotect, Fabricate Texture Spray, and CURLiCUE range.

"For today’s look, we went with a textured blow dry for straighter hair, adding volume at the roots with BVT foam and finishing with Fabricate Texture Spray for that perfect dry texture," Madison explained. "For curly hair, we kept it hydrated with the CURLiCUE range and used Fabricate for added dryness and volume."

Shark Beauty provided the styling tools necessary to create these stunning hairstyles. Their advanced tools allowed for precise styling, whether it was a textured blow dry for straighter hair or a soft, voluminous look for natural curls. This partnership perfectly complemented the ethos of our collection, ensuring each model's individuality was front and centre.

Makeup Mastery with Bobbi Brown

Bobbi Brown played an essential role in enhancing our models' natural radiance and highlighting their individual beauty. With a focus on effortless beauty, Bobbi Brown's makeup artists utilized the Vitamin Enriched Skin Tint to create a flawless canvas that complemented the collection. Each model glowed with a natural, dewy finish that embodied our vision of understated glamour.

“I wanted to create creamy skin and a soft caramel/brown tone to the lips and around the eyes," shared makeup artist, Isabella Schmidt. "The Bobbi Brown Vitamin Enriched Soothing Serum and BB Vitamin Enriched Face Base were used to give the skin a glowing start. A light application of the Skin Tint Foundation was applied, followed by a touch of the Moisture Glow on the Cupid's bow and cheekbones for extra shine.”

Bobbi Brown's collaboration underscored our commitment to celebrating diversity and enhancing natural beauty, ensuring that every face on the runway exuded confidence and poise. Their expertise in achieving a radiant, natural look aligned perfectly with our collection's ethos, making each model a true reflection of THIRD FORM's unique aesthetic.

Rehearsal and Final Preparations

By mid-morning, the models were dressed in their looks, poised for a rehearsal led by our Production Manager Lara Karamian, Stylist Sarah Starkey, and Founder Merryn Kelly. This run-through ensured each model felt empowered and thoroughly prepared to showcase our collection with confidence.

As the final touch, our stylist expertly accessorized each outfit with Noah the Label pieces, adding a touch of refinement and modern style. From sleek pumps to statement heels, Charles and Keith's shoes showcased their commitment to quality craftsmanship and style.

Show Time

At 11am, with the anticipation building, the show began. Each look from our Resort 25 collection, titled "re-FORM," was a testament to our journey and evolution as a brand. We focused on pushing boundaries while staying true to our urban, contemporary aesthetic with an undercurrent of laidback sensuality. Our collection celebrated innovation through fabric manipulation and volume, bringing new life to our signature silhouettes.

Each garment was designed with the THIRD FORM woman in mind, showcasing a symphony of colours, textures, and nuanced detailing. We wanted every piece to outlast trends, reflecting the timeless allure of individual expression. The models, selected not just for their looks but for their energy and personality, brought our vision to life. Each was given a look that suited them perfectly, ensuring they felt amazing and confident.

The show was a success thanks in large part to our sponsors. Bobbi Brown's makeup artistry enhanced the models' natural beauty, emphasizing their individuality and the essence of THIRD FORM's modern muses. Noah the Label provided exquisite jewelry that added the perfect touch of elegance to our looks, while Charles & Keith's shoes complemented our outfits, adding a stylish and contemporary edge.

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