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We sit down with founder and creative director Merryn (and Milo) to explore the inspiration & process behind Third Form.

Q: Where do you look for creative inspiration?

M: The TF girl inspires me, her passion and energy and not settling for the status quo. Our signature is clean, modern, creative, cool, with an edge and this is what I will always go back to and make sure it's represented in all-out pieces.


I’m always very tactile, I often start the design process with fabrics and prints I like and design pieces that match perfectly.

"Our signature is clean, modern, creative, cool, with an edge"

- Merryn Kelly





Q: What city in the world inspires you most?

M: I do love NYC, cliché you may say but not so. It's where I’m (half from), I feel at home there and incredibly inspired, pushed to work harder. You either sink or swim there and I feed off that energy.


I have so many fond memories that city has given me - Working the trade shows with my husband and getting our first orders, getting engaged and having late-night dinners with family.


Q: From start to finish, how long does it take to conceptualise a collection and then have it online?

M: It takes about 8-9 months for a range to reach customers, believe it or not the design phase is the shortest and I spend most of my time perfecting the fit and finishes of the garments during the production phase; The quality of our garments is something really important to me.

Q: What should we expect from the new collection?

M: It's fresh! I feel it truly embodies the TF girl, it's strong, individual and has a certain energy about it and plays with balancing sophistication and seduction. Think cutouts, twisting texture, silky slips with lace trims, crisp printed cotton, tye-dye and pop pink. it’s going to make an entrance!


The Ring Out Slip Dress is my pick for the season.

Q: How do you want women to feel when wearing your clothes?

M: She feels individual, creative in her outfit choices, and has that twinkle in her eye, commanding yet understated.

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