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International Women's Day

International Women's Day

Celebrating Inspirational Women
Voices from Third Form

As we celebrate International Women's Day, we take a moment to reflect on the women who have shaped us, inspired us, and continue to drive us forward. At Third Form, our team is a tapestry of diverse voices, each contributing a unique element to our brand. Here are some inspiring reflections from the women of Third Form:

Pictured Nicky Zimmermann, Founder of Zimmermann

Merryn draws inspiration from the courageous Nicky Zimmermann, a past employer and industry luminary. Nicky's journey, from humble beginnings at the markets to building one of the most successful fashion brands, embodies the ethos of self-belief and hard work.

"A woman of great influence in my life has been my past employer and industry leader, Nicky Zimmermann. I continue to draw immense inspiration from her determination, resilience, and vision—from building her brand with her sister Simone from the markets to staying true to herself and navigating the challenging world of the fashion industry. She's become one of the most successful brands of our time. To me, she exemplifies the perfect belief in oneself and the willingness to work harder than others, and it has certainly paid off."

Vicky - Vera Wang

Vicky, our Production Manager, finds inspiration in the timeless elegance of Vera Wang. A living testament to creativity and innovation, Wang's ability to defy age norms and succeed in a foreign land serves as a motivating force for Vicky.

"Vera Wang is my source of inspiration. Her talent, creativity, and innovation in design are timeless. At over 70 years old, she lives as if she were in her 20s. As an Asian in a Western country, her story motivates me to work harder. She is the embodiment of success."

Amy - Joanna Aly

Amy looks up to her sister Joanna, a free spirit who emphasizes enjoying the journey over fixating on the destination. Joanna's ability to bring joy effortlessly is a reminder to live life without restrictions.

"My sister Joanna is my inspiration. I admire her free spirit, and she often reminds me to 'enjoy the journey rather than the destination.' She's the kind of person who can cheer you up without even trying and lives her life with zero restrictions—simply wanting to have a good time."

Jade - Fashion Intern

Princess Diana is Jade's source of inspiration. Beyond her high status and personal struggles, Diana remained a symbol of kindness and love, leaving an indelible mark with her iconic fashion moments.

“I admire that as a public and esteemed figure, she always led with gentility and humanity. Despite her high status and personal struggles, she remained a symbol of kindness and love. Additionally, her fashion moments will always be iconic to me.”

Kate - Kate's Medzmama

Kate's Medzmama, born to Armenian refugees, stands as a testament to strength and success. A trailblazer, Medzmama founded businesses and achieved corporate success, paving the way for women today.

“Born to Armenian refugees in Jerusalem after the Armenian genocide, my Medzmama (Grandmother) was an inspiring woman ahead of her time. She began her career as a child working in a bank which led her to founding her own businesses and corporate success around the world. She had a strong presence and was always the most stylish in the room. I am thankful to headstrong and hardworking women of the past, like my Medzmama, that made space for women of today to have success in the careers they choose.”

Anna - Sara Mardini

Anna's inspiration comes from Sara Mardini, renowned for her courageous act of rescuing fellow refugees in the Aegean Sea. Sara's advocacy for refugees' rights exemplifies strength and perseverance in the face of adversity.

"Sara Mardini is known for her courageous act of rescuing fellow refugees while crossing the Aegean Sea from Turkey to Greece in 2015. Alongside her sister Yusra Mardini, she swam for three hours in the cold waters to push their sinking dinghy, filled with refugees, to safety. Since then, Sara has used her platform to advocate for refugees' rights. Her bravery in the face of adversity serves as a powerful example of strength and perseverance."

Kelsi - Kaitlin Bakalar

Kelsi finds guidance in Manager Kaitlin, an avid learner who goes above and beyond for the team, embodying strong leadership and mentorship qualities.

“She is always educating herself in our field, management styles and BRAVO. She always goes above and beyond to help our team and is a wonderful mentor.”

Kaitlin - Sofia Coppola

“Director Sofia Coppola stands as an inspirational figure in my creative journey. She is constantly breaking barriers in the male-dominated realm of filmmaking. Coppola's ability to infuse her narratives with profound emotion and subtle nuances challenges societal norms, proving that women can not only thrive but excel in the art of storytelling.”  

On this International Women's Day, we celebrate these remarkable women and the countless others who inspire us to strive for greatness. Each story is a testament to the power of resilience, determination, and the courageous spirit of women.

Happy International Women's Day from THIRD FORM.

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