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At THIRD FORM, our vision for a more sustainable future is deeply rooted in our commitment to revolutionise the Australian fashion industry. We envision a world where fashion is a force for good; a circular system where every garment is a conscious choice for longevity, responsibility, and uncompromised quality. Our mission is to redefine the narrative of fashion, extending the lifespan of products, reducing waste, and championing the well-being of both the planet and our community.


Elevate your wardrobe sustainably with our Sustainable Crush collection. Made from premium 100% sustainable Acetate, known for its silky texture and vibrant hues, these pieces offer unparalleled comfort and style. Our specialty fabrication ensures durability without compromising on comfort, while the unique crushed finish adds a touch of texture and depth to every style.


The challenges and opportunities that sustainability presents shape our journey, define our purpose, and guide our evolution. As we go on this journey, we extend an invitation to join us.

Thank you for being part of our sustainability journey. We recognize the importance of adopting sustainable practices and continuously improving our environmental impact. While we acknowledge that we haven't reached all our goals yet, we remain committed to this journey of growth and accountability.



At THIRD FORM, we take pride in fostering a workplace environment where women thrive. With over 90% of our workforce comprised of talented and empowered women, we celebrate diversity and inclusion at every level of our organization. We are committed to providing equal opportunities for growth, professional development, and leadership, ensuring that every woman at THIRD FORM has the support and resources to achieve her fullest potential.




At THIRD FORM, we believe in using our platform to make a positive impact beyond fashion. That's why we actively seek out partnerships with charities and non-profit organizations that align with our values and mission. From supporting environmental conservation efforts to empowering women and communities in need, we are dedicated to making a meaningful difference in the world.



At THIRD FORM, we take pride in our dedication to sustainability and ethical practices. Our garments are meticulously produced in small batches to minimize waste and uphold our commitment to the environment. Our buying process is carefully curated, ensuring that we avoid overproduction and unnecessary material waste. Through our "test and reorder" method, we maintain manufacturing efficiencies while prioritizing product quality and performance.




At THIRD FORM, we prioritize ethical sample management to minimize waste and uphold our commitment to sustainability. Our approach involves sending samples, seconds, and selected styles to charity dress stores, ensuring that these garments find new homes and avoid ending up in landfills.

In line with our dedication to sustainability, THIRD FORM has implemented a circular fashion model "Your Clothing Clean Up," a company dedicated to reducing textile waste. This partnership allows us to responsibly dispose of garments that cannot be salvaged, contributing to a more sustainable fashion industry.


At THIRD FORM, we are committed to making a positive impact on our planet and communities. Through our partnership with iChange in 2023, we embarked on a journey to create meaningful change and contribute to a more sustainable future. Here's a summary of the impact we've achieved together.



Through collaborative efforts and generous contributions, we raised a total of $5,995 in donations to support environmental conservation and community development initiatives.



Our partnership with iChange has directly impacted the lives of up to 193 individuals, providing them with resources, opportunities, and support to thrive.



Together, we've worked tirelessly to combat plastic pollution and preserve marine ecosystems. Through various initiatives, we successfully removed up to 2281.2 kg of plastic waste from our oceans, contributing to cleaner and healthier environments for marine life.