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Here at THIRD FORM we are continuously working on ways to reduce our environmental impact and give back to those working at the forefront of change. We have been incorporating our values from the beginning of the labels inception and have set long term goals of exciting changes for a more sustainable and ethical business.
Some of the things we hold dear to our THIRD FORM heart is using environmentally accredited fabrications such as Tencel, Viscose, Linen, Cotton and recycled polyesters. We also believe the loss of an animals life or cruel factory breading conditions for an item of clothing is unacceptable, this is why we choose not to use skins (leather) fur, hairs and silk.
With our selected materials we strive to create your ‘forever’ pieces that will last a lifetime and something that can be donated, recycled and upcycled. We don’t store samples or damaged stock, instead we chose to donate these to charity so they can see a second life and create funds for those in need.
All THIRD FORM our pieces are made with suppliers that we have been working with since the beginning, yearly they are independently audited and credited with global certifications for working conditions and manufacturing practices and waste management, We work with them and support them in achieving this and looking for ways to improve practices all year round.
We are also working to significantly reduce our use of plastic in 2022. You would have noticed all of our orders are lovingly packaged in 100% recycled tissue and inside our branded canvas tote bags for you to reuse time and time again. All orders are posted in Biodegradable satchels and we continue to work on sourcing the most sustainable technologies and partners to work with on improving this.

These are just some of the things we do day to day to do our bit for this beautiful place we call home.